Terms and conditions

Forbidden activities

n9.cl MUST NOT be used for the following:

Create URLs to be used in unsolicited advertising without limiting it to emails and forum posts (do not use it to send SPAM)

Link to any page or file that simulates or is pornographic content of any kind.

Link to any content that is illegal in Chile or in the area that you live.

Link to any other site that also offers the service of shortening or redirecting URLs (because creating a chain of redirects is often to hide misuse and spend bandwidth).

Use n9.cl to shorten posts on blogs or sites that are dedicated to publishing pirated content We reserve the right to remove or delete any URL shortened by our system that violates our terms and conditions or what we consider to be a violation of our terms or its good use (at our discretion). We may, if we so choose, report the use that is prohibited by our terms and conditions to the government institution or law firm, including relevant information such as the IP address of the creator of the link. We also reserve the right to block any person or machine that abuses our service. In addition, the URLs generated by the system may be removed retroactively if one of them appears in some of the "blacklist" that n9.cl queries.

Guarantee and Liability

n9.cl is provided as a free service and therefore has no responsibility or guarantee for the service provided or of any kind. n9.cl is not responsible for any loss or problem you may suffer while using this service. This includes loss in the event that this service stops providing, operating, becomes slow, suffers some loss of data or any other problem that may be determinant for you.

Limit of Visits

We ask you to limit the use of our service to a "reasonable" level by visiting up to 100 times the same link, after this limit a confirmation message is issued.