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Why use a URL shortener with HTTPS?

One of the biggest reasons when choosing a shortener with HTTPS security (SSL / TLS) is to give security to users when using the link, this allows greater confidence in transport to your website.

Next we will tell you what are the link shorteners and what is HTTPS.

Then what is it for and its advantages.

But, what is a URL shortener or link shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that converts very long links into others with a much shorter length, reducing the number of characters of these.

For this process, what is done is to take the link or link and replace it with random characters, in addition to being hosted in a domain with a smaller name such as N9.

The shorteners became fashionable with the rise of social networks, being its main driver Twitter, since this social network only allowed to write 140 characters, so if you had a link or link too long, it was difficult for you to accompany it with a text that reflects what is reflected in the platform.

And, what is an HTTPS page?

HTTPS is a protocol for transferring information securely, it has this acronym by its English name Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

By using the N9 shortener, it takes the link you enter safely to the server where it is reduced and returned so it can be used, this process between your browser and the server can not be understood, it is already encrypted with SSL / TLS, if an attacker had some kind of access to the communication, he would only see encrypted data that is impossible to decipher.

Well and what is the N9 link shortener for?

This can allow you to reduce the length of a publication in your favorite social network, memorize a link more easily, use it for digital marketing and many other possibilities. N9 is used daily by many people around the world, looking for an easy way to reduce their links without needing a registration or paying something for it.

Advantages of using the N9 link shortener

Reduce the length of a link, reducing its number of characters.

To use N9 it is not necessary to make a tedious registration, just hit the URL and shorten, easy and fast.

N9 does not charge anything to its users, it gives a 100% free service.

N9 uses HTTPS so the resulting link will also have HTTPS, you will get a secure link.

Be able to use shorter links on your favorite social networks.

For those who make Ads campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads or others by using a shortener to reduce the link to your product or offer will allow you to use that space to better describe your product.

Aesthetically the classic links contain numbers, dates or data that are not important, when using the N9 this will not be a problem.


The link shorteners or Link Shortener are great tools that help you every day to generate easier, faster and free links in optimal lengths and according to current needs.